With bright, illuminated menus and pungent aromas, Market Eatery, a spacious food hall located within H Mart—the Asian grocery chain that opened earlier this year—is an ADD diner’s dream come true. After grabbing wine at the bar, called Let Them Talk, we debated which of the seven or so stalls to sample. Settling on Sunday Bird for Korean fried chicken, we found a variety of choices: sweet, spicy, sesame-speckled drumsticks; crispy wings lightly glazed with soy and garlic; and terrific “spicy original” nuggets perked up with cubes of pickled radish. But chicken is only the beginning of an H Mart tour. San Francisco chef Deuki Hong’s other concept, Sunday BBQ, focuses on Korean barbecue, with lettuce wraps, perilla leaves, and zippy sides. We flitted from one cuisine to the next, ordering fried dumplings and hot-stone bibimbap from SGD Tofu House, chewy rice balls flavored with seaweed crumbs from Mix, and shrimp tempura from Momo Sushi. Then, enticed by the retail options (reminiscent of the airport’s international terminal), we shopped, perusing everything from a face mask made with snail essence to high-end shades and blinds (why not?). Creamy pink shavings of strawberry snow ice (topped with fresh pineapple) from Snow Monster, Austin’s Taiwanese shaved ice company, made the drive home sweeter. (Next time we’ll nab chocolate pastries from Korean bakery Tous Les Jours for the following day’s breakfast.)