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Dining Guide

Mike Anderson’s BBQ House

Mike Anderson Jr. runs one of the most popular barbecue lunch spots in Dallas. He uses fresh-cut hickory wood in rotisserie smokers. These smokers are well suited for pork ribs, a popular dish here—and for good reason. He uses two-and-three-quarter and down St. Louis ribs, which means each rack weighs less than two-and-three-quarter pounds. They’re meaty, smoky, and just a little sweet. The come off the bone nicely, and don’t need any sauce.

Our favorite menu items are one you might not even notice. At $3 a piece you can get brisket-stuffed jalapeños wrapped in bacon, or a half quail in bacon. Get both. They look similar, but look for the tiny quail leg sticking out the top instead of the jalapeño stem if you want to tell them apart. The best part about them is the crisp bacon that surrounds the whole package.

City: Dallas


Method: Hickory in a gas-fired rotisserie

Pitmaster: Mike Anderson Jr.

Price: $

Rating: ★★★

Address: 5410 Harry Hines Blvd., Dallas, TX, 75235

Hours: Mon-€“Sat 10 - €“2:30

Phone: (214) 630-0735

Website: www.mikeandersonsbbq.com

Year Opened: 1982

Last updated: May 3, 2013


  • Scott

    I’ve had some of the worst brisket I’ve ever eaten at Mike Anderson’s. The last time I’ll ever eat there the brisket was devoid of any moisture. And that was around noon. Mike should be totally embarrassed that food that bad can be served under his name.

    • Mike

      Been there dozens of times, never seen this once…never heard anyone else saying this, so, someone just irritated at something else 🙂

  • Josh

    Interesting approach to Brisket, it makes me wonder why he doesn’t choose to cook shoulder clod instead. I think his brisket preferences are probably more in line with the rest of the country as opposed to Central Texas. His doesn’t look particularly appetizing to me. Then again, I didn’t understand why anyone liked brisket until I visited Austin.