Musaafer (“Traveler”) is an elegant Indian restaurant in the Galleria whose stated purpose is to serve up exquisite dishes that represent an edible journey across the vastness of the subcontinent (the website features an engaging clickable map for exploring the origins of much of the food served). Order this to go: the chaanp, an appetizer of three crusty little lamb chops, tender and rosy, enhanced by a tart yogurt sauce. The palak paneer was unlike any we’ve had, a brilliant liquid green so good it made us swoon. Coriander prawns were sweet and perfectly cooked in a curry that blended gloriously with our basmati rice. Garlic naan and lachha paratha made fine companions. Pro tip: This food is excellent to go (and easy to pick up), but at these prices you might consider postponing your visit until you can dine in and experience the grandeur of the interior.

Note: Review reflects COVID-19 protocols in place at the time of visit.