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Dining Guide


Having deviated from the Culinary Institute of America’s original plan—a different Latin cuisine every six months or so—Nao now presents itself as a “Latin Gastro Bar,” dishing up an assortment of small plates and entrées inspired by mostly South American cuisines, all with a contemporary twist. For example, a recent trio of ceviches, each in a little ramekin, gave us rojo (with toasted corn nuts, shrimp, and roasted tomatoes), Ecuadoran-inspired verde (with olives and enoki mushrooms), and blanco (with Gulf fish and leche de tigre). Then we tried the plantains, served topped with a mild crab salad and a jolt of coconut-lime gel that reminded us, appropriately, of ocean breezes. Finally, arepas, tiny gordita-like masa balls stuffed with marinated goat meat—best of all. You get the picture. Staffed and run by students and faculty, the dining room is a stunning array of textures and form, and the experience is uniquely adventurous. Cocktails here are among the city’s best.

City: San Antonio


Drinks: Bar

Price: $$$

Rating: ★★

Address: 312 Pearl Pkwy., San Antonio, TX, 78215

Hours: L Mon-Fri. D Tue–Sat. B Sun.

Phone: 210-554-6484

Website: www.naorestaurant.com/

Last updated: June 20, 2016