Neon Kitten calls itself a cocktail lounge, but its inventive dim sum puts it on the dining map too. Vibrant floral murals, chandeliers decked out in cherry blossoms, and a neon-lit bar lend a sassy vibe that echoes the whimsically styled drinks. The modern dim sum steals the show, though. Fried Chili Wontons merge satisfying crunch with complex flavors: minced pork, Tianjin preserve (pickled cabbage), and several sauces. On the crudo menu, hearty beef tataki—seared for a charred crust—takes buttery, rare New York strip steak and adds a fiery rub and a drizzle of chile oil; get the scallop-and-mushroom-filled sticky rice with it. Pork-and-shrimp wontons are delicious Thai-Chinese fusion: silky wonton skins with a savory filling and a velvety-smooth chile-peanut sauce.