This pan-Asian restaurant’s new outpost was packed during our Sunday night visit. We snagged seats at the bustling sushi bar and enjoyed watching the knife skills on display. Although the sushi—especially the elaborate rolls—have a cult following, we’re more impressed with the Vietnamese side of the menu (a Vietnamese family owns and operates Oishii). Reason enough for returning is the pan-fried soft-shelled crab; with a crisp cornmeal dusting on the outside and sweet flesh on the inside, it’s our favorite dish. Shaken beef—strips of beef tenderloin pan sautéed with scallions and onions in a garlicky brown sauce—is another standout. Lighter bun (Vietnamese vermicelli) dishes with a choice of meats and a sweet rice vinegar dressing are also well executed. The menu is the same as that of the Wycliff location.