The name roughly translated as “come on in,” this charming Korean-inspired spot is located in the rapidly transitioning East Cesar Chavez neighborhood. A spick-and-span exterior opens up to welcoming communal tables underneath a chandelier of straw baskets, where we sampled a smoky Seoul of Oaxaca cocktail (mezcal, Cynar, pink peppercorns) and a small plate of ddukbokki, springy, chewy rice cakes in a vermilion red chile sauce that held little fire. The cleverly named cocktails are an indication that this is not a spot for purists, but the kalbi (short ribs) from the grill dazzled with their caramelized edges, and a clean seafood soup thickened by soft tofu demonstrated Asian bona fides. We adored the artfully plated gun mandu (pan-fried dumplings) but found the accompanying mélange of grilled mushrooms lusterless.