With Joel Orsini as the new executive chef, this long-beloved bistro is on the rise again. Orsini has freshened up the menu via locally sourced ingredients, inspired flavor pairings, and attention to details that include everything from infused oils and vinegars to delicious garnishes. The burrata salad was a delightful marriage of taste and texture, the creamy pesto-dabbed cheese flanking a mound of peppery arugula and silky braised leeks topped with fried leek threads and dots of honey.  Another standout was the mussels and fava beans in a lemony broth that we sopped up with bread. Grilled Verlasso salmon was perfectly cooked and came atop a trio of snap, snow, and English peas, with bits of bacon and caramelized shallots. Vegetarians eat well here too; the mushroom “cheesesteak” panini held caramelized onions, molten Gruyère, and earthy-sweet brandy-roasted oyster mushrooms. We love the patio’s Paris-cafe vibe.