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Dining Guide

Pearl Tea

Texas Tech alumni Nathan and Tessa Spencer have chosen the busy corner of Tech Terrace, a quick walk from campus, as the location for their second tearoom in Lubbock. Much like their first, West Straws, Pearl Tea offers a modest range of teas with various add-ins. The most notable thing about Pearl Tea, however, is its charming aesthetic. The couches, window seating area, and skylight adorned with decorative iron evoke the feel of a parlor. And while the teas do take a good while to prepare, when they finally arrive, they are the prettiest in Lubbock. Our favorite is the Butterfly Lavender Lemonade, a blend of pea flower tea, lavender, lemon, and honey-soaked aloe. If you’re looking for a traditional milk tea, the Royal is excellent, as is the Taro, if you have a sweet tooth. The Butterfly Pea Flower with boba added is another excellent choice. The drinks are a little pricy for the area, but we think they’re worth it. Pearl Tea also offers bagels and macaroons, both of which are okay but nowhere near the star of the shop.

City: Lubbock


Drinks: No bar

Price: $

Rating: ★★

Address: 2605 Boston Ave., Lubbock, TX, 79410

Hours: Open Sun–Fri.

Phone: 806-701-1103

Last updated: February 9, 2021