Maybe you are meeting your long-lost cousin from Mypos or just looking for a place to lounge if you’re finding yourself, but this warm, cheery space located on the ground floor of the Hotel Zaza fills the bill. The clubby booths are perfect for hiding out while tucking into a juicy burger—not too thick to bite into but substantial enough to feel it’s worthy of indulging. A hotel dining room is required to have french fries on point for room service, and the perfectly crispy fries here come with a zesty garlic aioli that’s potent enough to ward off any unwelcome strangers. An avocado vegetarian club could have used a dollop of this aioli, but the cheese-crusted French onion soup proved to be a good vessel for dunking. Exposed brick walls, houseplants, and fabric-covered walls speak to many generations, from granny-chic trendsetters to Boomers, but perhaps it’s the Gen Xers who grew up with Balki Bartokomous who get the place best.