Founding chef Elizabeth Johnson earned her reputation teaching, researching, and cooking with a deeply held philosophy of nutrient-rich plant-forward meals featuring small portions of animal products. Sound a bit heavy? Not so: this is bright, aromatic food, inspired by Ayurvedic, gluten-free, and other anti-inflammatory diets. And now Pharm Table has a bright and shiny new space on the edge of King William. Try this: the Gravlax Board, with Ora King salmon gravlax, almond-nut cheese, and house-smoked veggies. Most of the dishes are customizable, with add-ons of your preferred protein, from that oh-so-fab gravlax to a farm egg or a hemp-seeded avocado half. The turmeric-ginger beer, served on draft, is sharp, sweet, and tart. Pro tip: The location is tucked between Presa and S. Alamo and is a bit hard to locate; make the turn when you see the bollards for the parking lot.