In the cluster of international restaurants found in the near Northwest neighborhood, this large Vietnamese restaurant offers signature dishes redolent of sharp mint and cilantro, nutty peanut sauce, and the layered sweet-acid umami of fish sauce. Summer rolls were unexceptional, though obviously freshly wrapped, but more unusual dishes can be found in the page-upon-page menu. The pho here is rich with aromatic broth, sharp with ginger and lemongrass, and filled with just about any variation of protein imaginable. We liked our Vietnamese meatballs, dense as sausage and full of flavor, dancing amid lots of crunchy bean sprouts. An unusually crisp banh xeo arrived plate size and stuffed with tasty chicken and vegetables. Although sluggish at first, service picked up once we ordered, and our food arrived almost immediately, steaming and savory. The dining room is basic and a bit dated, with sriracha and chopsticks on bare tables, calligraphy prints on the walls, and a bubbling fountain in the corner.