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Dining Guide

Prause Meat Market

A pork roll sounds like a school cafeteria main course that’s been chopped, pressed, and processed. It’s much better than that when executed by the pitmaster at Prause Meat Market. A whole pork shoulder is deboned then wrapped and tied in a roll before smoking. The pork roll, although boneless with less fat, was similar to the pork chop. Well-seasoned meat that was nicely tender rounded out the meal, but this cut was a bit drier than the pork chop and it would be tough to order it again if the chop is available.

This brisket was the closest to perfection of any meat that has passed these protein-stained lips. The crust and smoke line were pronounced, the texture was almost buttery due to the perfectly rendered fat, and the flavor was robust with smoke, salt, pepper, and love. We were in barbecue heaven. The pork ribs were country ribs, so they were much thicker and meatier than a standard spare rib. The meat was a bit dry, but incredibly flavorful if not intensely smoky. Oddly enough, we all agreed that the rendered fat on the crust of these ribs tasted just like fried chicken skin. Who knows how they make that happen.

City: La Grange


Rating: ★★★★

Address: 253 W. Travis, La Grange, TX, 78945

Hours: Mon-€“Wed & Fri 6-€“5:30, Thur 6-€“1, Sat 5:30-€“1.

Phone: 979-968-3259

Last updated: May 3, 2013