Serving up generous bowls of soulful ramen, this counter-order Austin import is as popular here as it is there. We started with gyoza, scrumptious pork dumplings pan-fried with a nicely crisp finish, and a curry rice bowl generously stocked with root vegetables and crunchy peppers. One of us dove into the rich Tonkotsu Original, starring creamy (three-day-cooked) pork bone broth clinging to tiny noodles with fatty pork belly, wood ear mushrooms, scallions, and a marinated soft-boiled egg. The other opted for the lighter chicken broth ramen. Add pickled ginger for a restorative punch or the Fire in a Bowl “bomb” for a ticket to spice town. Expect a roomy, hip space with wooden booth seating and, alas, a lukewarm welcome from staffers.