Vegan cheese doesn’t get stringy when it melts—it turns into something more like a cheese spread—but those strings will be the only thing you’ll miss when you bite into the Jalapeño Melt at this alternative fromagerie. Studded with a layer of sweet pickled jalapeños, the grilled sourdough boasts mozzarella and cheddar, and the gooey factor is high and satisfying for young and old alike. We doubt you’ll be fooled by the Gentle Reuben, but the vegan corned beef and Swiss cheese meld with the sauerkraut in a delicious way nonetheless, and won’t necessitate a nap underneath your desk later. Whether you are vegan or not, the herb-filled tomato soup with a swirl of cashew cream is a winner. In addition to sandwiches and soups, there’s all manner of charcuterie to either take home or enjoy at the cheery, bright shop with a glass or bottle of wine.