Cheerful Redbud offers deliciously varied sandwiches (gluten-free bread is available), salads, and soups, all prepared fresh daily from locally sourced, often organic ingredients. The Greek salad features a bounty of fresh greens, plenty of olives, and a tangy feta dressing; the chicken salad sandwich boasted chunky pieces of chicken mixed with apple, celery, pecans, and tarragon, all served on substantial country white bread. There’s a selection of Blanco’s Real Ale Brewing beers on tap; for non-imbibers there are Mexican cokes, Maine Root sodas, and lavender lemonade. Do not miss the saucer-size cookies (the chocolate toffee and lemon-glazed are our faves). Seemingly the social hub of Blanco, this joint jumps, especially during the evenings, when live music heightens the exuberant atmosphere.