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Dining Guide

Restaurant Gwendolyn

Restaurant Gwendolyn, San Antonio
Photograph by Jody Horton

How one of the most kitchen-conservative restaurants (no tool newer than the 1850s, no fresh food transported farther than a horseback ride) can consistently serve some of the city’s most modern dishes is mostly due to executive chef/owner Michael Sohocki’s collaborative management style. The chefs and team create emotionally evocative and visually intriguing meals that change seasonally or even more often. The three- or five-course prix fixe is our choice, though al la carte is also available, and you’ll leave with all senses sated no matter your choice. Best on the table on our late-summer visit (the winter menu will be a bit heavier, our waiter told us) were the grilled peach panzanella, tender quail curry seasoned with allspice and cardamom, and two desserts: a decadent blueberry clafoutis with cardamom-tinged ice cream and onion rings fried in doughnut batter and served with honeyed mustard and powdered sugar.

City: San Antonio


Drinks: Beer & wine

Price: $$$$

Rating: ★★★★★

Address: 152 E. Pecan, San Antonio, TX, 78205

Hours: D Tue–Sat.

Phone: 210-222-1849

Website: www.restaurantgwendolyn.com

Last updated: October 29, 2019