This near–Loop 410 location (others are downtown and at the airport) honors Rosario’s mission of trend-setting Mexican food paired with solid traditions from both sides of the border. For starters, try the paquetes (thin-sliced jicama wrapped around fried shrimp); ceviche bright with lime, oregano, and serrano chiles; or the seafood cocktail, sweet and tomatoey. And have the chips and roasted-chipotle salsa with everything. If your entrée—perhaps rich, earthy mole enchiladas—offers the coleslaw side, enjoy its almost pickled character, tart-sweet and finely shredded. Or go with a more unusual offering: the tender lengua en salsa is one for the books. The big, bold dining room features tables spinning out from a central glitzy bar, all the better for a round of margaritas. Expect a place bustling with family gatherings, birthday parties, office outings, and date nighters.