Celebrating its twentieth year, the elegant ranch resort restaurant, led since its opening by chef Gerard Thompson, only gets better and better. His energy and enthusiasm shine bright in dishes like the Texas quail: meaty, smoky birds roasted over oak fires, glazed in a sherry-maple blend, served atop a pillow of cheese grits riddled with charred poblano, and accompanied by an herbed biscuit, all crowned with the bright bite of local micro-herbs. The on-site bakery turns out fresh corn tortillas, used in lunchtime surprises like a Frito pie starring South Texas antelope or smoky brisket, and airy ciabatta, served on a board laden with house-made fennel coppa, lamb prosciutto, and guanciale. Ideal companions are the house-made mozzarella and tart, herbaceous chowchow. Every meal here feels like a feast fit for royalty, particularly in the handsome dining room, with its soaring ceiling, heavy leather furnishings, and panoramic view of the ranch’s lake.