The New York original has brought its chic take on all-day dining to Highland Park, the sixth among outposts that include Paris and Boca Raton. With cheery, Instagrammable decor and inflated prices, the restaurant is as enticing as it is appalling. Our outrage began on the counter-service side, where a bagel with salmon and cream cheese, a pastry, and two small coffees (all of it served in paper bags and cups) cost $40 with tip. On the cutesy bistro side, the service is stellar and the food is, alas, unremarkable. The Zoey salad—chopped iceberg lettuce topped with green beans, asparagus, pale tomatoes, potatoes, and salmon—was $45; a staid fried egg sandwich with bacon and Muenster cheese was $18. Veal pelmeni (dumplings) in tangy-sweet onion gravy impressed, and cheese blintzes were nicely prepared, but at these prices, the food should be well above average.