The swanky Intercontinental Hotel hosts this colorful spot, which entices with eye-catching murals, arches, and a dramatic bar. Our recent meal began well with shrimp Provençal: whole shrimp (unless you demand “off with their heads!”) aswim in olive oil and garlic, with accents of chile flakes and cilantro. Grilled bread made the perfect sponge for the lovely sauce. We happily downed the soup of the day, a rich chowder (only a tad spicy), well stocked with corn in a silken cream base. A huge mound of crisp brussels sprouts in butter, honey-toasted almonds, and pomegranate seeds, all topped with sprigs of dill, would have been perfect with a little less sweetness. No quibbles with our lamb chops, though, three hunks of pink meat with side dishes of mint yogurt and tabbouleh. Ordinary-sounding chicken scaloppine was terrific, starring three moist, perfectly seasoned chicken paillards, enlivened with butter-wine-caper sauce and lovely charred broccolini.