Chef Micah Rideout, who oversees this airy new Heights spot, does wonders with vegetables. If you refused to eat your mom’s carrots, give Carrot Away a chance: carrots by way of a cardamom carrot curry, masala glazed, pickled, honey roasted, and even topped with carrot powder and carrot air (foamy)! Equally fine were both the Texas tomatoes with radishes, basil, smoked burrata, lemon olive aioli, and balsamic and an artichoke hummus topped with fried artichokes, roasted sunchokes, and a black garlic glaze. We shared both our seafood main courses: sweet, juicy scallops served with cornbread, squash succotash, and corn fondue and a slab of skin-on salmon, perfectly cooked and touched with citrus and olive oil, pistachios, beets, and jicama. Tandoori fajita translated as lamb, with yogurt and green tomato pico de gallo for a bit of interest, served with flaky, almost croissant-textured roti for scooping. Extensive, impressive wine list.