If you’re not familiar, you might want to watch a YouTube clip on how to eat shabu-shabu, also known as Japanese hot pot, before visiting this newcomer (pronounced “Shabu Squared”). However, the friendly staff at this bright, modern eatery with big booths and a large central bar will guide you through every step. Onomatopoeia for swish-swish, shabu-shabu is tabletop cooking featuring raw, thinly sliced meat or seafood and vegetables cooked in a large pot of broth. Anticipate a few appetizers, such as truffled edamame and spicy Persian cucumbers—a cool, crisp way to start—but hot pot is the bulk of the menu. Of the five broths, we chose the tonkotsu, to which we added vegetables—a wide array, from bok choy to watercress—and swished in tender beef ribeye, which cooked in seconds. Then we dipped the meat into two tasty sauces (which can be doctored with fresh garlic, scallions, and so on) and ate it over rice. It’s fun, interactive dining and healthy to boot.