Shinwari, a family-friendly Afghan gem nestled in a Mahatma District strip center, is warm and welcoming, aided by the woven maps on its walls and an exceptionally friendly staff. We enjoyed the toddlers introducing themselves in the aisles and multigenerational families eating happily together. We skipped the buffet and chose from the menu, a move that was well rewarded. All meals begin with a cup of complimentary chicken soup likely capable of curing all ills. The mantu dumplings, stuffed with ground meat and spices, bathed in yogurt sauce, and served on a bed of lentils, were delectable. Crusty grilled lamb chops and tandoori rice were excellent, as was the chicken karahi served steaming in its wok.  Fresh naan is perfect for mopping up. We couldn’t resist ordering a spinach palak to take home.