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Dining Guide

CLOSED – Short Line BBQ

“Somebody knows how to cook barbecue,” was our first thought as we savored a bite of fatty brisket. We then mentally canceled the rest of the day’s planned barbecue stops, knowing this was a tray of barbecue that wouldn’t go to waste. The buttery fat of the moist brisket was a treat, and the lean brisket beneath was even juicy, balanced out with the perfect ratio of salt and smoky bark. Pork ribs were tender and sweet, with a layer of sauce dabbed on at the end that hadn’t had time to set. It was a good flavor complement to the pork, but we like a rib with a stouter bark.

City: Maypearl


Method: Oak in an offset smoker

Pitmaster: Jeremy and Jason Daugherty

Price: $$

Rating: ★★★

Address: 314 Main St., Maypearl, TX, 76064

Hours: F-Sat 11-sold out

Phone: (972) 935-8399

Website: www.facebook.com/shortlinebbq/

Year Opened: 2017

Last updated: July 14, 2017


  • Brandon Mohon

    The banana pudding was good the weekend I went.

  • Don O.

    Their Facebook page says they have closed and will reopen in a new location.

  • Doc Last

    The problem they had was two fold.
    The never had any kind of hours they may open at 10 and close at 2 or open at 9 and close at 4
    You could not get them to understand that having hours like that was not good in a small town
    Any suggestions you made to them were returned with rude or snide remarks
    They though they knew it all
    They refused to make very much as they were afraid they could not sell it all the same day and they were not going to belike all the other BBQ places and sell next day
    So if they ran out they left
    There would have been nothing wrong with selling the next day as most people do not care
    You can’t stay in business the way they did