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Dining Guide

Shorty’s BBQ

It’s not all pretty, but you know what you’re going to get. Take the ribs for example. They were mushy and thoroughly overcooked. They would have been better served boneless and chopped to be eaten with a fork, or better yet – on a sandwich. The pork itself wasn’t bad. It was covered in a really good barbecue sauce. Both sweet and tangy, the sauce was thin enough to coat the ribs, but thick enough to stick to the meat too. But the well cooked pork tasted more like roast than barbecue. It was respectable, but it alone wasn’t anything that would make you return.

City: Sunnyvale


Method: Wood-Fired offset smoker with oak and pecan

Pitmaster: Yolanda and Brad Cole

Price: $

Rating: ★★

Address: 780 E US Hwy 80, Sunnyvale, TX, 75182

Hours: M 10:30-3, Tues-Sat 10:30-8

Phone: 972-815-8830

Year Opened: 2008

Last updated: November 26, 2013


  • Brad Bradley

    Without hesitation I sincerely enjoy glancing at this site, daily to see what is new. Thanks for what you do – its refreshing to read.

  • Jacob Taylor

    Tried it for lunch today. hot links and beans were both tossed in the microwave. Asked for some fatty brisket, but only thing available was some very dry, falling apart meat off the flat that looked like it had seen better days. sides were good, though. beans had great texture and flavor, as did the potato salad. i liked seeing a cole slaw that wasn’t overly dressed.

  • Sharon.

    i think pecan lodge is overrated
    Too much bark and meat is dry
    Not worth the wait. I like my meat without the bark don,t like to taste my meal all day
    Shorts has way better meat and sides and better prices

  • dave

    stopped there today and picked up a pound of brisket to try out. Sorry to say but I was not impressed at all. The meat was dry and had an overpowering smoke taste. I feel that I need to mention that the kitchen area did not seem to be very clean and the 2 employees there, old t-shirts, jeans, not impressed at all. Sorry Shorty’s…
    just saying what I saw and tasted.