Chef Andrew Weissman created the menu, and if you’re lucky, the busy man will be in the house, presiding over the big kitchen, tasting, retasting, and running the show. Make reservations several days in advance to secure your seat in the elegant-rustic dining room overlooking the green at La Cantera Resort. The menu is mostly classic French, and it includes the little extras that make guests feel cosseted. Permanently embedded in our memory is an earthy, juicy tenderloin plated with potatoes mousseline the texture of clouds. Branzino filets came with a mildly spicy gochujang (earthy red chile) glaze, their meltingly moist flake contrasting with a crisp sear on the outside. The evening’s most luxe dish was creamy risotto adorned with wisps of gold leaf. No room for dessert? Not even a fruit pavlova with yuzu curd? You’ll still share a plate of complimentary petits fours, each a tiny work of culinary art.