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Dining Guide

Smoke Shack BBQ

Each bite of the tender and meaty rib pulled away from the bone with ease. They were a competition barbecuer’s dream, complete with a glaze so sweet and buttery it was hard to know if it was meant for a cake or meat.

City: San Antonio


Method: Oak in a gas-fired rotisserie

Pitmaster: Chris Conger

Rating: ★★★★

Address: 3714 Broadway St., San Antonio, TX, 78209

Hours: M-Sat 11-9

Phone: (210) 957-1430

Website: www.smokeshacksa.com

Year Opened: 2014

Last updated: April 14, 2015


  • Sarah Bateman

    I LOVE The Smoke Shack. It seriously is my favorite BBQ. I get the Mac and Cheese and Smoked Turkey. Last time I even asked for a lb. of smoked turkey to take home to make turkey sandwiches..so yummy!

  • Olive Davis

    Chris does the BEST barbecue ever at his Smoke Shack. The building itself is well done – especially the newly painted roof! Congratulation Kate & Chris!

  • Victoria Wilkin

    Best barbecue I have ever eaten.
    And…the sides were delicious.

  • Sean Talbot

    I got the opportunity to try Smoke Shack a few weeks ago and let me say… it was legit! Best BBQ I’ve had in S.A. in a long while. Was hoping for more from the sausage, but brisket was nice. Mac & Cheese blew me away. Has easily risen to the top on my list of S.A. BBQ spots.

  • Ethan

    Agree with this review as well. Typically I go to two bros in San Antonio, but it seems recently their brisker has been a bit overcooked. My one beef with the smoke shack is that if you ask for bread, they give you a roll. If I want to fold a slice of white bread over my brisket with some onion and pickle, it’s not an insult to the pit master, it’s just habit. I eat some with a fork, some without sauce, and some with sauce. I need all of these to develop an opinion on the meat. Hell, maybe I’ll just sneak a bag of Mrs. Baird’s in in my daughter’s diaper bag next time.