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Dining Guide

Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse

The original brick pit is still in use at the original Sonny Bryan’s, and Harman said it’ll smoke all the barbecue they need in a day. They smoke the briskets over hickory just like Sonny did—in fact, they haven’t changed a thing about the brisket.

Thank Sonny for the excellent sauce, kept warm in old Corona bottles. Our request for the sauce recipe was met with a laugh from Harman. For now, you’ll have to get it from the source, and we can attest that it goes great on a brisket Frito pie, even if it’s for breakfast.

City: Dallas


Rating: ★★

Address: 2202 Inwood Rd., Dallas, TX, 75235

Hours: Open 24/7

Phone: (214) 357-7120

Website: www.sonnybryans.com

Year Opened: 1958

Last updated: May 3, 2013