The Odd Duck and Barley Swine team has reached peak fast-casual with its newest offering, which consists of two buildings: a counter coffee bar and an industrial cocktail lounge, connected by a large beer garden with picnic tables and games (cornhole, anyone?). The all-day menu can be disorienting; the creamy smoked carrots are listed under “salads,” not “snacks,” which is where you’ll find the hearty potato-and-goat green-chile hash. The massive homemade pastries are tempting, but save your bread fix for the heavenly carbs that come with the menu’s “sandwichy things,” including a breakfast sandwich of goat chorizo verde and pimento scrammy (that does not mean it has an egg, although you add one—either duck or chicken—if desired), the bright and flavorful buffalo chicken steam bun (albeit more of a flatbread), and the wagyu burger, which, at $6, is quite the bargain during happy hour (a generous 2 to 6 p.m. occurrence Sundays through Thursdays). On the lighter side, toasted chile-lime peanuts give the pressed melon salad a savory bite, and the shareable crab toast pairs well with one of Sour Duck’s inventive draft cocktails, such as the mezcal-falernum-watermelon concoction called the No Brainer. Wine, local beer (Celis, Jester King, Live Oak, etc.), and cider are also on tap.