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Dining Guide

CLOSED – Specht’s Store

The Specht’s Store is one of those places that make you feel more relaxed just by walking through the doors. It’s got a rich history, a great story, and a dedicated restaurateur at the helm in Thurman Love. The building alone makes this place a destination worth seeking out, even without the cold beer and live music. With a few tweaks it could be one heck of a barbecue destination too.

City: San Antonio


Method: Post oak in an offset smoker

Pitmaster: Thurman Love

Rating: ★★★

Address: 112 Specht Road, San Antonio, TX, 78260

Hours: Tues-Wed 11-5, Thur 11-9, F-Sat 11-10

Phone: (830) 438-1888

Website: www.spechts.com

Year Opened: 2014

Last updated: December 18, 2014


  • Thank You for coming. Come try the Brisket again. It may have you say….”Franklin my dear….I don’t give a damn…”

  • Kate Mangold

    Great BBQ! Lively old store rich in history. Live music and cold beer. This IS Texas!

  • Charlotte Safir

    Love this place – always the tastiest and mever been disappointed. Hurry and get some for yourself!!!

  • Sarah

    The atmosphere and grub at Specht’s are the real Texas deal. A perfect evening away from the hustle of the city.

  • George Machock

    They’re pork ribs ROCK, and Thurmon gets some great musicians in to jam while you’re eating on certain nights. Worth the time.

  • Michael Gambino

    Best BBQ in the area, period.
    I must disagree with the author of the review: the brisket is their piece de resistance. I’m not sure what “bounce” means as related to beef, but I can assure that there is no better product in the greater San Antonio area.

  • Lynn

    Been there, loved it! Great service, great food and the live played music was a real treat.

  • Colleen Holliman

    Best ribs ever & love the homemade pickles. Heck it’s all delicious. It’s a fun place to be.

  • Mark Lessing

    With most of the new BBQ joints around SA serving an oven-cooked substitute nowadays, my wife and I were always on the look out for real thing pit-cooked the way we like it until we came across Thurman’s place last summer. Now we make the special trip north at least twice a week for ribs and brisket. Brisket you reviewed does not sound at all like what we enjoy on our dinner visits, maybe it came off pit a bit early. Our opinion Specht’s flavor, ambience beats Two Bro’s hands down, maybe they just need to count on a steadier stream of customers to maintain consistency. Thanks for helping by spreading the word. Need to keep this place going. Best BBQ in SA area!

  • Brisket and beans yum! Looks like an awesome eatery! Best of luck in your new place cuz!! e

  • Food looks absolutely amazing! Congratulations on your new place, best of luck, cuz!!

  • Hammer

    Rock on, Dr. Love.

  • Margaret Bloemer

    Specht’s has been a favorite of mine for years. Always love the
    drive out to the country! The food always fresh & tasty, and the live music adds to the atmosphere. Great feature on the “barbeque and trimmings”.

  • Tom Gwilliam

    I’m a regular diner…..frankly I can’t stay away from the place. The combination of the terrific food and the old, historic building in a scenic country setting is seductive and addictive. The live music is great, too.

  • Hank Harrison

    I have eaten the brisket at Specht’s Store at least once a week for the last seven months. I have never had any brisket that wasn’t fabulous and I recommend it to all my friends. I am astounded that you had a less than perfect experience, and I would suggest giving the brisket one more try. I’ll buy!

  • Teresa Marie

    We love Specht’s Store BBQ!! Great food and live music. It is always a good time. We bring friends and family from out of town.

  • Ann Huddleston

    You feel like you’ve been transported, and you HAVE….by the place, the food, and the music!

  • Will

    Never heard of ‘bounce, regarding BBQ. What does that do, make it taste different? The BBQ here is A1. Not sure what this guy means by bounce or undercooked, the food here, all of it, is always great. I stop by about once a week and have always found the food just right.

  • Paul DuBay

    Burnt ends, baby! Thurman Love does a super brisket, then cuts it the way you want it. If it wasn’t for such delicious BBQ, I’d be a vegetarian. In addition, go for a cold beer and see live music. San Antonio’s own bluegrass band for over 40 years, “Tennessee Valley Authority” often plays there. Great food, music and ambiance! I go there as often as I can and recommend that anyone who has even a bit a ‘small town’ in them do the same. Bon apetite, y’all!

  • Logan

    I really wished the brisket was as good as the sides of potato, salad, cole slaw and beans. Those side dishes really got my attention as they were culinary masterpieces. I’d go there just for the sides and the bacon blue cheese variant of their potato salad.

    The brisket and spare ribs didn’t really wow me though. I ordered both the lean and fatty brisket and found the fatty brisket not marbled well. Just large chunks of fat which didn’t make it very edible. The lean brisket was dry. The ribs were better though and had a decent fat distribution. So for my first time eating there, I’d give it an A+ on the side dishes, C on the fatty brisket and B on the lean brisket (could have been an A if it didn’t lose its moisture).