A tip of the hat to our favorite top-of-the-hill pizzeria in Palestine for safe and friendly accommodations during the pandemic. We approved of the frequent cleaning we observed as customers came and went, and outside dining (with a view) is also available. Order this to go: The fried artichoke hearts with a caper aioli were a nice light, tart beginning to a deliciously gratifying evening. Our tried-and-true favorite pizza (for which the place is named) did not disappoint, though with its lovely mixture of pickled pork belly, Gorgonzola and dolcelatte cheeses, lightly roasted walnuts, and roast pear, we often wonder whether it belongs in the entrée or dessert category. There was no questioning the culinary category of our other entrée, a thick, juicy, smoky grilled ribeye with a side of pesto pasta. Pro tip: The sommelier is off-site but available for consultation.

Note: Review reflects COVID-19 protocols in place at the time of visit.