Swizzle may be the first avowed tiki spot in Dallas since the legendary Trader Vic’s. It’s not so much Hawaiian as it is a tropical-style lounge with heavy bar food. But the atmosphere is pleasantly funky, the music is fun (a tiki version of The Munsters theme, seriously!), and the tall drinks are decadently potent and garnished with plenty of plastic doodads (as well as a bit too much ginger). Try this: lumpia—small, crunchy spring rolls filled with pork (or tofu); crispy five-spice wings; the Sweet Stir Fry, with thin strips of fried Spam and grilled pineapple over rice; cinnamon “doughnuts” the exact size and shape of King’s Hawaiian Rolls (because they are). Pro tip: When they say the side dish of Dragon Bok Choy is spicy, they mean it.