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Dining Guide

Teddy’s Barbecue

Weslaco native Joel Garcia learned how to stoke the coals in Austin at Freedmen’s and Terry Blacks. He came back to the Valley last year to hone his pitmaster skills at a local spot, and has now moved on to light his own fire at a joint he named after his son. The brisket was creamy from the well-rendered fat under a rosy post oak smoke ring and nicely caramelized crust. The ribs had good flavor from a simple rub and an excellent texture that pulled off the bone just right. The sides were basic but done right. We enjoyed the charro-style beans with chunks of brisket and creamy mac and cheese.

City: Weslaco


Method: Oak in an offset smoker

Pitmaster: Joel and Jesse Garcia

Drinks: No bar

Price: $$

Rating: ★★★★

Address: 2807 N. Texas Blvd., Weslaco, TX, 78596

Hours: W-Sun 11-4

Phone: (956) 532-6124

Year Opened: 2019

Last updated: October 30, 2019


  • Will

    Went to Teddy’s a few weeks back and unlike Daniel, I got one of those beef fat cookies. Don’t skip on them if you get the chance y’all. They also sell bluebell ice cream. Do what your intuition is telling you. Make an ice cream sandwich and never regret your life decisions again. Oh, also, everything Daniel said about the bbq is true, just needed to spread the gospel of those cookies a bit.

  • Carlos Alvarado

    Man…this is a story of great bbq, but also of true love, resilience, and determination. The American Dream.

    I remember watching the Super Bowl in their apartment, and then their home, and every year I looked forward to the food. Sure, there was one year when the Patriots got the interception, but I missed it because I was getting fourths. It was good then. It is better now.

    I remember Joel telling me about all the jobs he had to take(Uber driver, Sen Cruz office, HEB BBQ) whatever job he could to make money. He seemed exhausted and drained, but he always had the energy to talk about his food. His pit. His wood. I probably should have listened more to get some tips, but the sound of chewing drowned it all out. The man loves to cook, but most importantly, he loves to give people good, quality food.

    I remember when he posted a text where Bernandina Bernardina told him to go for it. To forget it all and focus on his dream. It was like the scene in Rocky II where Adrian told Rocky to “win!” Not only did she say it in text, but she backed it up with actions. They moved from their home in Manor and chased the dream.

    I remember going to the Smokin Moon and ordering everything with Carleigh, and him being exhausted again. I gave him some pointers on compression socks and epsom salt soaks, but when he talked about the food. When he saw me devouring it, you could see his soul light up the night sky on the patio.

    I remember when everyone rallied around him, and his brother, who I only met a handful of times became the partner in crime. His mom, my uncle, my aunt, my cousin, hell, even underage child labor was put to bear.

    This is the greatest story I have seen told. One where Joel is standing tall, with one of his giant beef ribs held high over his head yelling “Yo Bernie! I did it!”

    If you are a vegetarian and you want to see why the rest of us carnivores eat meat go to Teddy’s.

    If you are tired of Mexican food, go to Teddy’s.

    If you want quality food, go to Teddy’s.

    If you want to taste what success actually tastes like, go to Teddy’s.

    Just get there early, it’ll most likely be sold out.

    If you support the American Dream, and Love, and cried when Rocky held that belt on high, go to Teddy’s.

    Hell! Just get your nalgas over to Teddy’s!

    *The only thing I cannot figure out is who the Mickey is in this grand tale.