It’s date night all day here, with the chilled-out ambience, plush banquette seating, and lighting that promises “small d” dalliance. Tuck into the tuna tiradito: slivers of fresh fish shellacked with a sweet lemon-and-soy vinaigrette, sprinkled liberally with avocado and tomato, and ready to rest momentarily upon a toasted tortilla matzo. A meal-worthy salad saw roasted beets dotted with creamy goat cheese and almonds; all dressed up with a velvety raspberry dressing. Jicama tacos stuffed shrimp, spicy mayo, and mango into translucent chilled jicama “tortillas.” A head-spinning variety of sushi includes uncooked rolls, tempura rolls, and breaded rolls (though virtually all sport the odd border custom of cream cheese on everything). A nice cilantro salmon dish offers a healthy alternative, with the fish lightly grilled and casually draped in a cilantro cream sauce with steamed rice and veggies.