Harwood Hospitality’s fifteenth concept occupies a coveted spot on the Katy Trail. It was plenty social on our visit—the bar hit a deafening 90 decibels, per our phone app, and the dirt-floored patio was packed, which might be the reason we felt our margaritas could have used more tequila. Our food order likewise yielded winners and losers. The guacamole and queso fundido were good, but the cheese enchiladas suffered under a dull, oddly sweet sauce—not much like either ranchero or mole. Although not traditional in flavor, the fajitas were tasty: the marinated meat and grilled onions were infused with a spicy soy sauce mixture, which stained them a rather striking black. Tacos al pastor  held ground pork (not the traditional thin slices) and skimped on key garnishes. A surprise favorite, though, was the marinated watermelon salad, composed mostly of arugula in a tangy vinaigrette, along with three cubes of watermelon, chopped peanuts, and pico de gallo.  Some additional watermelon would have been nice. (If you arrive on foot, the place is easy to find on the Katy Trail, but some using GPS directions have found them less than clear.)