2011: We needed some serious sustenance to weather the line that would be ahead of us just to see some frozen Peanuts characters in ICE at the Gaylord Texan. What arrived after ordering the $26 ’Kitchen Sink’ was a thrown together mess of meat and sauce with a wet nap. They piled it on to justify the ridiculous price tag for nothing more than a three-meat plate, but quantity wasn’t factored in. A few of the dried-out brisket slices had a kick of smoke, but they were mainly just roast-beefy. As thinly sliced as they were, they couldn’t help but be tender, but the staff must have had a big brisket slicing party at the beginning of dinner service because these abused slices pulled from beneath the drowning sauce were terribly dry. Ribs were plenty moist, though, with their quarter-inch-thick layer of sauce, but they tasted baked.