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Dining Guide

Texas Ranch BBQ


Method: Oak in a reverse-flow smoker

Pitmaster: Marco Oglesby

Rating: ★★★

Address: 3632 S Congress Ave., Austin, TX, 78704

Hours: Daily 11-5

Phone: (512) 998-2615

Website: www.twelvebones.com

Year Opened: 2017

Last updated: November 7, 2017


  • Shawn Lucas

    Go texas BBQ always yummy .check it out this bbq making secrets here http://tinyurl.com/yct5md5h

  • Jeffrey Thigpen

    Not sure why the jab at Temple was necessary…We have great (overlooked) BBQ as well.

    • Daniel Vaughn

      I’m all ears, but wouldn’t you agree that a fantastic BBQ joint opening in Temple would be more newsworthy than another one in Austin?

      • Jeffrey Thigpen

        Let me know when you’re in town. We can go to Best Quality Meat & BBQ, Al’s BBQ Barn, or Fat Boy’s BBQ (with a name like Fat Boy’s, it has to be good.) As you are the expert, please forgive me if you are already familiar with these local establishments, but I think they go toe-to-toe with any in the state (except Kreuz, my personal, perennial champion.)

      • Larry Dockall

        I wish we had something decent in Waco. Offerings are pretty sad unless I’m missing something.

  • William & Laura Sanders

    Daniel, has this place changed hands since June 29th? Because this was my review at the time, which is so much different than yours that it is remarkable:

    “Well, my run on good BBQ officially ended today. Ma Kettle told
    me there was a new BBQ trailer on South Congress not far from St.
    Edwards, so I motored over for lunch at Twelve Bones BBQ.

    I’m not sure where to begin. The meat looked okay as it was being cut,
    but the sliced brisket and burnt ends were over-cooked and failed the
    pull test miserably. Both also lacked that beefy, smoky flavor that I
    associate with good brisket.

    Tried some baby back ribs as well. While they were done to my liking
    (not falling off the bone), there was something in the rub that just
    seemed off-tasting.

    I thought maybe I could rescue this meal with some well-placed BBQ
    sauce, but that was so bad that it made me want to drink lye to get rid
    of the taste of it.

    They had collard greens as a side, which you don’t find that often, so I
    got some of them as well. No salvation there either. They were
    over-powered by the use of jalapenos to the point that I just couldn’t
    eat them.

    Not recommended.”