Located in the Louis Kahn building, this revamped cafe, formerly known as the Kimbell Buffet before its long closure, is a perfect spot for a light lunch or afternoon tea (and to take a break from all that inspiring art). Yes, you still line up, cafeteria-style, to order, but it’s worth it for their small but satisfying menu of soups, sandwiches, and quiches, some of which rotate weekly. The potato soup and chili got top marks on our last visit, as did two stalwarts of museum-cafe menus—the pimento cheese sandwich and the chicken salad with cranberries. The creamy pesto quiche has a lovely crust, and it comes with a small green salad. But on a leisurely afternoon, we enjoy lingering over tea service best. Earl Grey, matcha green tea, and tart herbal raspberry by the pot make delightful choices to accompany little scones and nubby blueberry muffins, finger sandwiches, lavender shortbread, spicy ginger cookies, and fresh fruit. As always, our table has us keeping company with beautiful Roman mosaics and its view of “L’Air,” the bronze-and-lead sculpture by Aristide Maillol.