Chef Tim McDiarmid, a James Beard fellow, has a loyal following from her catering business, event venue Ivy Hall, and residence at the Pearl up until this year, but for now she’s focused on this Southtown cafe. Her food is seasonally changing, locally sourced “whenever possible,” and creative in concept and flavor. Panini play salty and sweet against each other with combos like the turkey and cranberry relish. A savory Market Bowl is customizable to the max, with bacon, avocado, meatballs, and egg just a few toppings for the base of black rice and sweet potato. That hearty black rice is a menu go-to, appearing also in the hearty chicken rice stew. Weekend brunch and happy hour draw a whole lotta folks from Southtown and King William, especially when the weather’s fine on the spacious, funky patio. Although service can be spotty and slow (are these part-timers?), the food is more than kind and good.