With an expansive view and a menu to match, this rooftop destination (twenty floors up at the Thompson San Antonio hotel) is a sleek, romantic addition to downtown dining. Our latest visit afforded us a fantastic balcony perch from which to watch the sun sink over the skyline, but our food brought us down to earth a bit. Calamari, a generous portion of unusually large rings, was bland; in flavor and texture, it reminded us of mozzarella sticks in which the cheese has returned to a solid state. On the other hand, the cheese inside the enormous potato croquettes (each the size and shape of a portly russet) was properly melty, but again, flavor was in short supply (except for a spicy pesto served alongside). Better were our entrées, a boneless chicken breast glazed in harissa honey served atop labneh with roasted vegetables and tender, nicely sautéed red shrimp chile oil and grilled bread.