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Dining Guide

The Shack Bar-B-Q

The menu was also pretty sparse at the beginning with just sandwiches and chips. Now they have a full barbecue menu bolstered by an array of homemade sides. Yes, the smoked meat is of utmost importance, but sides and desserts can tell you plenty about how much care a barbecue joint is willing to put into their food. At The Shack it’s all homemade, like the excellent and simple banana pudding. They top off each order with freshly sliced bananas which would have been gray mush if done the night before.

City: Lubbock


Method: Pecan in a gas-fired rotisserie smoker

Pitmaster: Kyle Farris

Rating: ★★★

Address: 2309 N Frankford Ave., Lubbock, TX, 79416

Hours: W-Sun 11-8

Phone: (806) 747-1810

Year Opened: 2014

Last updated: May 21, 2015


  • Kyle Farris

    Thanks for your honest opinion about our food. Since you visited us we have changed our wood usage, I was chasing the thick smoke ring and was over smoking our meats. We have also changed our wrapping technique, the briskets now have an improved flavor and bark. We will keep striving to make the list in the future. Hope to see you again next time you come out to west Texas.

  • Your BBQ is number one in my book I love BBQ and your brisket is delisuo very good been to a lot of places here in Lubbock and serounding towns its the best

  • Clay Graves

    I’ve ate Kyle’s BBQ when they first opened and the there is a huge difference where they started and where they are at now. They constantly sell out and have a huge following. I am big fan of the brisket. It’s some of the best in town.

  • GadjetGriller

    Just ate there a couple days ago. (The Shack BBQ Lubbcok Tx) we got a full rack of ribs Wow were they the best I have had!!! full disclosure I smoke my own Prime brisket from Costo and Choice from the local supermarket. No way a BBQ joint can rival my brisket. not saying I’m that good I just know how I like it cooked, what type of wood to use (post oak) and the type of rub I like. Its personalized to me so never eat Brisket out (ok the occasional chopped beef sandwich) Although I do really like the Ribs I’m getting from my new Pit Barrel Cooker, I’m not there yet. Their sides are wonderful as well especially like the loaded Potato salad! Noticed that the wood pile was gone from the front door?? They were so busy every parking space was taken so had to park on the street. Getting out of my truck noticed a couple of smoke stakes raising out of the roof of the Shacks next door neighbors. Walking by the fence I found a knot hole and peered in.. Yep there was the wood (a very nice wood spliter) and at least 2 smokers one big long one an one electric rotisserie type. So they have upped their game!! Maybe next time I’ll try the Brisket for those times I’m to lazy to spend the 13 to 16 hours to make my own.