The successful Nobie’s duo have created a tiki bar and “tropical beach” on Richmond Avenue. Where else in Houston can you sip one of mixologist Sara Troxell’s cocktails and listen to reggae music while sitting under a comfortable palapa? We chose the Thai beef skewer, tender marinated chunks that we “unskewered” and wrapped in lettuce and herbs, followed by equally tender pork dumplings with scallion and ginger. Only a few entrées are offered, but we happily picked apart a whole crusty, moist snapper with chopsticks. Then we tried the Grandma’s Hot Chicken, which turned out to be some of the best fried chicken we’ve had. This is a vacation we’ll be taking frequently, even if it’s just to sip the Resting Beach Face (jalapeño tequila and rum) and snack on the Numb Nuts (Sichuan-spiced).