The minute the host leads you through the antique turquoise-painted doors into the main dining room of this new Dripping Springs restaurant, you’re immediately transported to a different time and place. Perhaps it’s the intricately carved beams and woodwork of the building, transported from Vietnam by owner Whit Hanks, an Austin antiques dealer. Or the many Catholic saints displayed in small alcoves along the far walls. Certainly there’s some traveling going on on the menu, which asserts its Texas identity with two steak offerings at the top of the list and then feathers into a variety of Asian and Latin flavors farther down the menu. We devoured every leaf of the chile-jam sautéed brussels sprouts with mandarin oranges and crispy shallots, as well as the charred carrots bathed in spicy green curry and served with pickled shrimp relish. Beautifully poached salmon arrived on a bed of long, tender strands of “potato noodles,” but our favorite dish of the night was the juicy roasted chicken served in a Thai curry vinaigrette over fragrant jasmine sticky rice with roasted baby eggplant. We look forward to our next transformative experience.