There’s a rush of fragrances as butcher paper is unfolded from the briskets. Beef fat, black pepper, and post oak smoke wafted into the air. The slices are juicy, salty, and incredibly tender, while the smokiness lurks in the background. Homemade sausage is available every day. The original link is pork heavy, with some beef. The spice is light, and they’re salt-forward. It eats more like a bratwurst. The pulled pork sandwich has a a remarkable juiciness. Smoked and pulled to order, then topped with house-made pickles, onions, and sauce on a warn bun, it is flawless. The sides are nothing to ignore, either. Leftover chunks of rib meat float in the classic pinto beans, while sausage slices stud the tart and not-too-tender greens. The mac & cheese must have gotten jealous of all the extra protein elsewhere and demanded a topping of crispy bacon.