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Dining Guide

Tyler’s Barbeque

Photograph by Wyatt McSpadden

The restaurant is an old Long John Silvers building, yet a deep fryer and refrigerator aren’t to be found. A welcome change from most BBQ joints in the panhandle is having the proprietor serve his customers, and not having all the meat pre-cut.

The peppercorn sausage isn’t made in house, but is also different from any commercial sausage I have ever had. It is lightly infused with West Texas mesquite, and is a must order at Tyler’s. The pork ribs were the best part of this meal. They had a nice pink ring and a strong mesquite flavor. They weren’t your cliché fall-off-the-bone ribs; they were simply pulled off at the right time. The ribs were lightly covered with an assortment of different spices that included black pepper, red pepper, and sugar. The best aspect about Tyler’s ribs is that if he has leftovers he sends them to the children’s home of Amarillo. The brisket, when it was out on the counter ready to be cut, looked as good as any in Central Texas. The brisket had a traditional rub with salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper.

City: Amarillo


Method: Mesquite; indirect-heat pit

Pitmaster: Tyler Frazer

Pro-tip: The green-chile-and-grilled-onion mac and cheese is served only on Thursdays.

Price: $$

Rating: ★★★★

Address: 2014 Paramount, Amarillo, TX, 79109

Hours: Tue-€“Sat 11-€“8

Phone: 806-331-2271

Website: tylersbarbeque.com/

Year Opened: 2010

Last updated: May 3, 2013


  • Anonymous

    I get to Texas once or twice a year and know some of the better places to go to find good smoked meat. I wouldn’t be looking for it in Amarillo. Steak? Sure. So I was glad to come across this review and stopped by Tyler’s when I was there earlier this summer.While not exactly top 5 texas, it certainly more than hold its own, surprising given how far out from central Texas and its tradtion of fine smoked meats. I’m glad I found the review so that I could stop by.

  • Robert D Wise

    Ate there on 8/12/2012…Tyler BBQ ROCKS! Was taken to another “so called” BBQ place on Friday evening an it was very disappointing. My son and I snuck away from a family gathering and stopped by Tyler’s about 3 in the afternoon. Tried the Texas double chopped brisket sandwich. This comes on toasted Texas toast with a half pound of chopped brisket. Had sauce on the side, but did not need it, the brisket stood on its own. My son and I both agree, this sandwich was awesome. We even bought another to go! I’ve been eating and smoking brisket for 40 years and Tyler’s is the real deal, pit smoked BBQ! Sadly, ate at another place on Sunday as Tyler is closed, and this place was even worse than the place on Friday, the chicken fried steak wasn’t too bad, just couldn’t order BBQ at this joint after eating at Tyler. If I lived in Amarillo, I would make this my Wednesday sandwich, it was that good. Next time when I have to go to Amarillo to see the wife’s family, at least there will be a little bit of sunshine at Tyler’s!