The creative energy at Springdale General (“a community of makers and creatives,” per the website) is palpable, especially in the space shared by a curated group of food purveyors. Tucked in the middle of the two-story building, with soaring windows and communal tables, is a walk-up Japanese counter where the sushi chefs take a sheet of crisp nori and roll items like grilled unagi, scallops, and hamachi with a shiso leaf into the best temaki in town. The daily specials are the stars, but the regulars, from the sprightly pickled vegetables to the unctuous beef tenderloin tartare, are all worth venturing east of Airport. If you want to augment your hand roll, go for the smoked oyster dip, mellowed by cream cheese and a handful of fried savories. The chefs, Masazumi Saio and Takehiro Asazu, execute an express omakase dinner that we are eager to try, and they teach classes on sushi-making on Thursdays, but despite the adage about teaching someone to fish, we would rather get in the car for their creations than make our own.