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Dining Guide


Our mood lifted as we entered this airy space of blues and whites with soaring windows, well-suited to the feel-good, one-hundred-percent plant-based menu. The kitchen deftly turns out globally inspired dishes like pizza, beet falafel, and “imitation imitation crab” sushi. We were duly impressed with the likes of bite-size tempura-fried cauliflower with orange-chile glaze and pickled daikon chunks and Magic Miso Mushroom Soup: organic tofu in a ginger-kombu broth chock-full of shiitake and cremini mushrooms. A meaty lentil-walnut-mushroom patty makes a good Bistro Burger to pair with perfectly crisp sweet potato fries with house-made ketchup. The star, though, was jackfruit carnitas with all the smoky goodness of pulled pork, topped with roasted corn salsa and pickled red onions and drizzled with chipotle aioli. Winner, winner vegan dinner.

City: Houston


Drinks: Beer & wine

Price: $$

Rating: ★★★

Address: 449 W 19th, Houston, TX, 77008

Hours: L Tue–Sun. D Tue–Sat.

Phone: 713-876-4768

Website: https://eatverdine.com/

Last updated: August 6, 2019