The stir-fries are rich and satisfying at this timeless San Antonio destination for Vietnamese cuisine. Bring a friend or fifteen to enjoy a banquet—and at least one large order of the famous spring rolls and a bowl or two of tender crab claws. Those perfectly fried spring rolls are packed with ground pork, onions, clear noodles, and mushrooms, sliced and served with crisp, cold iceberg lettuce and cilantro or mint for bite-size wraps. Banh xeo, a sizzling, savory oversized crepe filled with delicate vegetables, bamboo shoots, shrimp, and slivers of chicken delivers both chewiness and crunch. From the Thai side of the menu, pad thai also packs textures to perfection with generous veggies, chicken, and shrimp, a more nuanced version than at many other Thai restaurants. What’s not to like? The dining rooms, while serviceable, are stuck in a thirty-year time warp, and service can be maddeningly slow (sometimes incomprehensibly so), but as long as those spring rolls are piled high on your table, you will survive and most likely return.