Situated in a lively entertainment complex, this voluminous space is warehouse chic, with massive murals on brick walls and steel tree sculptures lining the room. We like the long stretch of bar and the huge open kitchen serving up pretty plates of standard fare, including pastas, pizzas, seafood, and meat. Well above standard was our brick-oven vegetable pizza—a nicely charred crust with house-made red sauce and mozzarella, topped with roasted cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and fresh arugula—and a sumptuous burrata salad, featuring said mozzarella and arugula with grilled peach slices. Equally pleasing tuna tartare came finely diced, drizzled with balsamic, draped with peppery avocado puree, and served with toasted lavash. Our meat lover fairly wolfed down the herb-crusted Australian lamb lollipops, perfectly cooked medium-rare, atop smoked baby carrots and sweet potato puree.